D.Blizzard Integrated Services Inc, is a Atlantic Canada based company, established in 2001. We provide 3rd party engineered access solutions, that help  minimize environmental impacts on wetlands, peat bogs, agricultural fields, private lands and environmentally sensitive lands allowing the contractor to focus on their core construction work while completing their challenging project on or ahead of schedule. This saves money , and prevents cost overruns by avoiding delays due to poor access.

We will meet and/or beat any price you have based on the general circumstances of the project. We have many different products and price options allowing us to work within the budget parameters of the project. We have a broad range of matting access products of different sizes, and design values for all projects large and small, and for the most critical access; i.e. wetlands, peat bogs, agricultural fields, water crossings and more.

We offer Mats for Sale, Rental, Sale + Buy-Back, Site inspection, site supervision, inventory management, complete logistics, installation, project management, free estimates, 3rd party engineering to meet performance specifications and technical drivers on projects, we provide a 3rd party engineering stamp on our rental systems and many other services.

D.Blizzard Integrated Services works close in partnership with First Nations for traditional knowledge, and we respect and support First Nation socio-economic agreements, and culture.

Industries that we provides services

  • Hydro Electric – new transmission lines and maintenance
  • Pipelines; new construction and maintenance
  • Drill sites
  • Wind Farms
  • Mines
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Critical terrain, tough access terrain, poles and towers in bogs, dead water, etc
  • Sensitive receptors ; crossings over pipelines, critical wetlands, over agricultural fields, private lands, protected peat bogs, protected lands, etc..

We have provided mats to the largest energy, drilling, pipeline, transmission; wind farm companies in the industry and will provide contacts and testimonials for references upon request. Example; Trans Canada Pipeline, Hydro Quebec, Iberdrola, etc.

Product application

  • Temporary Roads
  • Semi-Permanent roads
  • Temporary bridges
  • Semi-Permanent bridges
  • Floating road systems
  • Floating work platform systems
  • Open Pit Mine roads

Environmental solution

  • Extend the seasons that access can be gained to work areas;
  • Reduce soil impact and water quality run-off issues;
  • Enable equipment to haul heavier loads;
  • Lower equipment maintenance costs;
  • Reduce travel and construction time;
  • Protect water quality during operations;
  • Minimize the transport of invasive species;
  • Reduce impact on “sensitive receptors and resources” such as recreation areas, agricultural lands, pipeline crossing, etc.


With respect to the written law to protect a wetland as per the “Clean Water Act”; you cannot affect the natural hydrology and flow of water in a wetland, you cannot fragment, separate, fraction, and break up a wetland, you cannot remove organic vegetation.

Conventional methods like corduroy roads where logs are left in the wetlands and not removed, building gravel/aggregate roads through wetlands, etc, do not meet the Water Resources and Clean Water Act as proper best practices to protect and mitigate impacts on a Wetland. These practices actually destroy a wetland and are banned in most territories due to the law to protect wetlands. These methods in essence do not respect the universal laws under the Clean Water Act to protect Wetlands.

Different matting products

To respond to all situations and environmental requirements, D. Blizzard offers a complete range
of products:

 Timber Mats (Wetlands, peat bogs, marshes);


Shop Drawings for all of our mats, and Bridges can be supplied upon request. 

  1. Thickness parameters;  6” thick-to- 12” thick
  2. Width parameters; 4’ wide-to- 8’ wide
  3. Length parameters; 8’ long-to- 40’ long;

Dimensions/Sizes – Timber Mats – Sell + Buy-Back; 

We can produce these mats in 100% Hemlock, and we also can make a Hybrid Timber mat where the outside Timbers are made with Hard Hardwood (Maple, Oak, Hickory), and the inside Timbers with Hemlock a more durable mat – these mats last longer because the Hard-Hardwood on the outside timbers do not break or wear down easily.

Different Species of Timber Mats available;

  • Hemlock = 100% Hemlock – which is a rot resistant wood species.
  • Hybrid – Hardwood – exterior outside timbers made from hard-hardwood example; Maple, Oak, Hickory, etc, and inside Timbers are made from Hemlock.
  • Hardwood Timber mats – no ash, no poplar, no Aspen, no Gum. Yellow/Red Maple, Oak, hickory, beech, Cherry, Hard-Hardwoods.
  1. 6” thick x 4’ wide x 20’ long Timber Mat  
  2. 8” thick x 4’ wide x 20’ Long Timber Mat 
  3. 10” thick x 4’ wide x 20’ Long Timber Mat 
  4. 6” thick x 4’ wide x 16’ Long Timber Mats 
  5. 8” thick x 4’ wide x 16’ Long Timber Mats 
  6. 10” thick x 4’ wide x 16’ Long Timber Mats 

Timber Mat application; Used in wetlands, bogs, deep mud, and are primarily sold, but may also provide a buy-back option, where these mats can be re-purchased towards the end of a project, where the mats are sorted, selected, and graded by a 3rd party grader, and divided into Grade A. Grade B; and Grade C based on general condition of the mat. 

8 x 14, and 8 x 16 3-ply, laminated Swamp Mats– Work platforms, agricultural fields, drill sites, used on more flat terrain.

  1. Thickness parameters; 4.5” thick-to- 6” thick
  2. Width parameters; 8’ wide
  3. Length parameters; 12’, 14’,16’ 

Engineered Glulam Mats - Laminated veneer (LVL) hardwood mats - Primary rental + sell

We primarily rent these mats; rental is price competitive for up to 8 months then it is less expensive to purchase a mat, and to consider a buy-back; 

  1. Thickness parameters; 2.5” thick – to – 7.5” thick
  2. Width Parameters; 4’ wide-to-8” wide
  3. Length Parameters; 8’ long-to- 40’ long.

Laminated Veneer Bamboo

Laminated Veneer Bamboo (LVB) is a high-strength engineered wood product used primarily for structure applications.  10 times stronger than wood in tension and 3 times stronger mechanically, 

Composite mats

These mats are made from composites such as polymers, polyethylene, very durable mats, primarily for rental and specific applications.

Conventional and engineered bridges

Conventional Bridges; Bridges up to 20’ long. 

Engineered Glulam Bridges (3rd party engineer stamped); we rent, sell, install, and project manage these bridges. These bridges are 20’-to-60’ long, but we can actually design/Build up to 100’ + 

  • Hemlock Timber Conventional Bridges;
  1. 12” thick x 15’ wide x 16’ Long Hemlock Timber Mat bridge  + 6 x 6 x 16 curbing/wheel Guards on the sides – free open span = 10’ – loads up to 80 tons 2-axle cranes (Terex rough terrain crane)
  2. 12” thick x 15’ wide x 20’ Long Hemlock Timber Mat Bridge + 6 x 6 x 20 Curbing/Wheel guards on the sides.- free open span = 12’ – loads up to 80 tons 2-axle cranes (Terex rough terrain crane)
  • Engineered Glulam Bridges – designed specifically for the equipment loads, and the spans required for the water crossings.
  1. These bridges are 3rd party engineered designed and stamped.
  2. These bridges are from 20’-to-60’ Long – example;  20,24,28,30,32,36,38,40,52,60’  Long Bridges.

Services offered by D. Blizzard Integrated Services Inc

The following is the list of services that D. Blizzard Integrated Services Inc provides:

  1. We provide 3rd party engineering to meet performance specifications, design values, and required technical drivers for the project.
  2. We will visit and walk the job site, inspect the vegetation, the soil conditions, measure the depth of water/mud before we hit solid ground, etc.
  3. We will engineer, and design the lowest impact roads, and bridges based on the environmental guidelines for the project
  4. Design specific road designs to provide the lowest impacts.
  5. Free price estimates
  6. Organize the installation and handling of the mats
  7.  Logistics; 
  8. Deliver direct to the jobsite, and provide the most competitive logistical methods available to deliver the products to site to save the client money. We deal with all of the large logistics companies.  
  9. We will rent, sell, and buy-back mats.
  10. We will provide 3rd party grading and inspection of the mats, we will send a person to sort, select, and grade the mats into Grade, A, B, or C grade mats.


Mat service yard locations

  • Drummondville, Quebec
  • Moncton, New Brunswick
  • Stephenville, Newfoundland
  • Port-AUX-Basques, Newfoundland
  • Goose Bay, Labrador
  • Sept-Iles, Quebec

*We will be adding new yard locations very soon.


211, Route 138, Suite #3

Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Qc 

G3A 2P4 • Canada

Cell: 418 554-1564 • Office: 1 877 678-0009

Fax: 418 878-0037



D.Blizzard Integrated Services Inc. is the first matting company in Atlantic Canada established in 2001 and one of the very few true local Atlantic Canadian Mat companies